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Identification Surveys

Property Boundary Surveys

For people who are having house / building extensions done, carports / pergolas added, installing a fence, or where there is a dispute about the location of an existing fence between neighbours.

A property boundary survey is a survey done by a licensed surveyor which identifies you title boundaries, sometimes called an identification survey.

The licensed surveyor calculates where your boundaries are using his/her calculator and marks it out with a theodolite with pegs, metal pins and ramset nails. Then a survey plan is drawn up which shows how the surveyor has marked out your boundaries and where buildings and fences relate to those boundaries. The survey plan is certified correct by a licensed surveyor as a legal document and can be passed on to council, your builder, fencing contractor or be used in a court of law.

Normal turnaround in Adelaide for this type of job is about a week for a typical residential home.

Donaghey Surveyors are experts at Property Boundary Surveys in Adelaide with 40 years experience through our family owned business.

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