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SA Engineering Surveyors

Engineering surveys and Building Surveyors: relates to the setting out of infrastructure such as roads and buildings.

Surveying: There are two main types of Land divisions, Torrens titling land divisions and community titling land divisions. Community titling land divisions took over from the old strata titling land divisions.

Both land divisions must have a proposal plan drawn up relating to where you want the new allotments subdivided. The proposal is lodged with DAC and then passed to Council and SA water. As your surveying company we guide you through each step of the process until the final survey is lodged in the LTO (Land Titles Office) where the final plans are approved.

At that time a conveyancer lodges documents, once they are approved they marry up with the approved final plan and titles are issued. The process takes about 6 months.

Donaghey Surveyors are experts at this and make the process stress free. We have experience of 40 years being a family owned business.

Donaghey Surveyors specialise in building and warehouse set-up / layout planning surveys. Long term structure monitoring surveys ... such as tracking movement of bridges & public structures.

Services infrastructure surveys for easement design including measurements between powerlines, water, gas, sewer, stormwater and building structures to meet Council requirements. Detail and planning surveys to enable architects to develop accurate scale artistic impressions.

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